I’m a multidisciplinary designer based in New York with combined experience in brand identity, digital, user interface design, art direction and print communications. I’m interested in the gestures of cultural sentiment that can be revealed by observing how people interact with their surrounding spaces and ordinary digital environments alike. 

Currently freelancing and always open to chat or collaborate on projects. Say hi!

Featured In

G&D Can Graphic Design Save Your Life exhibition,
        London 2017
Communication Arts Webpick,
       September 2015
Type Directors Club 58
Communication Design winner and exhibition,
       Cooper Union 2012

*CV available upon request

︎ How can identity bring to life an urban development in progress?

347 Bowery is a thirteen-story residence tower designed by with the tactile minimalism of Annabelle Selldorf. With dramatic south and west facing views across Lower Manhattan, it rises to coexist with the dream-like personality of The Bowery through theatricality. The identity draws from the long days of endless summers, with the website conveying the idea of cycles: sunrise and sunset, from urban to intimate.
Agency  Language Dept.
Client  Urban Muse
Photography  Nicholas Venezia, Michael Moran, Rob Kulisek
Renderings  Hayes Davidson

Brand Identity, UX Support

︎ How can a digital experience capture a company’s philosophy?

Workshop/APD is an award-winning 360 architecture and interior design firm committed to using innovations in time-honored processes to transform spaces that shape human experiences. The site not only presents the ouvre of work by project names, but also by category (program) and details (passions). The navigation is a seamless experience of threading through the three galleries, as if lost in a rabbit hole.

Agency  Language Dept.
Client  Workshop/APD
Photography  Workshop/APD
Development  WebinHabit

Brand Identity, Web Design, Print Communications

︎ How can a brand reposition itself without losing its essence?

Amala is an all natural organic skincare brand from Germany that believes beauty and authentic wellbeing are inextricably linked to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. A proposal website to fulfill capabilities for global distribution amidst a rebrand for the changing beauty landscape.

Agency  Language Dept.
Client  Amala

Brand Identity, Web Design

How can a brand reposition itself without losing its essence? Cont’d.
New imagery of products elevate its promise of efficacy.

Agency  Language Dept.
Client  Amala
Photography  Alice Gao

Brand Identity, Art Direction